Nalascu takes place over a hundred years in the future, and as such, there are several changes in the social scene.


Over the years, it became acceptable for types of clothing previously defined as being for one gender or the other to be worn by either sex. For example, skirts are commonly worn by males and females, just as t-shirts and shorts are now.

The predominant style involves flex screens and dim lights, though a small number of people prefer a more simple style reminescint of 2070's fashion.


In most areas, nudity has become acceptable in certain situations and/or places. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • beaches
  • swimming pool (or any place where it swimming is done)
  • certain parks
  • public baths
  • when changing (in some areas where nudity is otherwise not allowed)

In addition, some cities allow nudity in most or all public & semi-public places. For example, in Aequorpolis, it is allowed in all public areas outside of the city core. Is completely unregulated in outer core.