Most of the slang used in Nalascu is derived from either from computer terms or the Japanese language. They show not only the increased importance of computers but also the prominece of Japanese in the area most of the characters are from.

List of Slang Edit

404 (n,v,a): unintelligent or worthless person; draw a blank; missing

bandwidth (n): attention span

blind screens (n,a): screens worn while they are turned off; state of wearing turned off screens

connect (v): to start talking

connection (n): wireless access point (usually talking about lack of);

disconnect (v): to stop someone from talking; to stop talking

going out blind (v): not wearing screens

image (n): a holographic construct; usually refers to one used as part of a PAS

kawaii (a): cute (Jap)

kuso (exp): shit (Jap)

log out (n,v): a dead person; to die

PAS: acronym for personal assistance suite

screens (n): glasses or contact lenses, most commonly used for those that act as computer screens; contact lenses

sometimes called small screens

slate (n): tablet screen

sumimasen (phr): I'm Sorry or excuse me (Jap)

tinder (n): physical books; anything printed on paper